Impala Blog 14 October 2019 1 min read


"Alright is a feminist anthem about independence and breaking the stereotype associated with being femme. Instead of rejecting the stereotype, in this video, we're embracing it and having a little fun at the same time. It’s proof that we can appreciate a cliche without being one. I go full on Persian Barbie alongside bad babes playing Nintendo, snapping polaroids, chewing bubble gum all in a hyper-girly dream pop sleepover."

CREDITS Music: Disco Shrine & UNBLOOM Director: Nicole Lipp Editor: Marti Hoyos Featuring: Disco Shrine Featuring: Kit Major Featuring: Genai Nakama Featuring: Fleurette Fong Featuring: Josie Jones Cinematographer: Christian Klein Assistant Director: Nika Burnett Assistant Camera: Tessa Kier Grip: Camilo Godoy Executive Producer: Bear Punch Choreographer: Frances Orr Production Designer: Lily Letigre Wardrobe Stylist: Davi Stefond Makeup Artist: Pink Sluts Kill Makeup Assistant: Lito Luxe Hair Stylist: Emily Wetzel Photography: Fields Photography: Golldsmith Sponsored by: Impala Roller Skates, Dolls Kill, Blingistan, Valley Famous, For Love & Lemon

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