Impala Saturn 8.25" Skateboard Deck


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Impala Saturn 8.25" Skateboard Deck
Impala Saturn 8.25" Skateboard Deck
Impala Saturn 8.25" Skateboard Deck
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    ★ Collaboration with LA-based artist Robin Eisenberg

    ★ 8.25” x 32” x 14.25” Wheelbase

    ★ If your shoe size is 5-11 US Women's, this deck size will work for you.

    ★ Premium Resin-7 Canadian maple

    ★ Full shape, medium concave

    ★ LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Against manufacturing faults

    ★ SUSTAINABILITY: We plant 3 trees for every 1 tree used to manufacture our skateboards.

    Choosing the right size deck.
    Choosing the right size is generally a mix of  Riding Style, Height & Shoe Size. If you’re size 5-11 US Women’s:

Impala Saturn 8.25" Skateboard Deck
Impala Saturn 8.25" Skateboard Deck
Impala Saturn 8.25" Skateboard Deck

“It’s good for street, park, or whatever you want to skate”

- Hilary Shanks

About the Artist

Robin Eisenberg is an LA-based artist whose work features alien-esque female characters in neon-frenched, intergalactic settings. Robin has worked with clients such as Thrasher, Apple, Netflix and more.

“A lot of my drawings focus on alien superbabes in space, doing normal everyday things like watching movies or daydreaming and looking out their spaceship windows. For the deck, I thought it would be fun to draw an alien lounging on the rings of a planet, maybe taking a break and resting for a minute. Mostly I wanted the design to be cosmic and colorful!”
- Robin Eisenberg



We care about our impact, and endeavour to create a product that is conscious of this. Throughout all stages of design and production, we are mindful of every detail - from the materials to the manufacturing processes that we use.

We have partnered with the National Forest Foundation (NFF) to donate to their tree-planting program - planting three trees for every one tree we harvest in the making of our skateboards.

Lifetime Guarantee

Our aim is to create a skateboard range that not only looks good, but is backed by a lifetime guarantee, all at an accessible price.

What’s a lifetime guarantee?

It means our skateboards are guaranteed to be free from defects in the material and workmanship for the lifetime of the product.

Basically, it’s designed to last.

Resin-7 Canadian Maple

What is Resin-8 Maple?

Our skateboards are made by pressing thin layers (each layer is called a ‘ply’) of wood together, using epoxy-resin glue to hold each ply together.

Why do we use epoxy-resin?

Using epoxy-resin glue makes a skateboard lighter (because its higher strength allows us to use less glue), stronger, and longer lasting. Epoxy-resin is also superior to the industry standard water-based glue.

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