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Vintage & Retro Inspired  

Impala is for everyone – With a nostalgic throwback to the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, Impala is bringing back the yesteryears of roller skating.
Our range of recreational roller skates are made for fun! Featuring aluminum baseplate, colorful bushings and PU stoppers, soft urethane wheels, Impala’s pink ABEC 7 bearings, padded collar for comfort and metal speed lace eyelets. 

Available in sizes for everyone!  

Our skates are for sale online in a wide range of colors and prints, from our best-selling Forest Green Roller Skates to our latest printed addition, the Starbright Roller Skates. A few of your favorite Impala Roller Skates are even available in an extended US women's size 1-14 range – featuring an adjustable and comfortable boot.
Stay safe with skate protective pads that match your favorite roller Skates! We’ve also created custom-designed Velcro skate protective gear to match your skates in Sky Blue, Pink, and for our Marawa Rose Gold collaboration plus more! Our quad skates can be worn by everyone – see our offering of roller skates in men’s, and women's sizing. When purchasing your Impala roller skates, we recommend using our size chart to find your best fit! Read our sizing information to find the right boot.

Roller Skates - FAQ's

Is roller skating hard to learn?

Roller skating is fun once you get the hang of it – but it definitely can feel tricky at first. The important thing is to be patient with yourself and focus on getting the basics down. Learning to skate on quad skates is a bit easier than learning on inline skates, as the wide and square base under each foot makes skating more stable at slower speeds.

Which roller skates are good for beginners?

Impala roller skates are perfect for beginners and intermediate skaters. Available to buy online in a complete range of colors, prints, and exclusive collaborations – our quad skates are made with quality components like our signature pink ABEC-7 bearings, and durable vegan-friendly uppers that are made to last. Perfect for when you’re just starting out and for when you’re getting the hang of roller skating!

Is it okay to roller skate in the rain?

We recommend that you don’t go out roller skating in the rain. It can shorten the life of your roller skates, but the biggest reason is safety. Even a small amount of water can make otherwise nice smooth surfaces too slick for grip, and small puddles can hide rocks and uneven surfaces that might cause you to fall. If you’re dying for a skate, but the weather isn’t letting you, maybe go look up your local skate rink or indoor sports center!